When people hear the word xeriscaping, they immediately run into a conclusion that it is a landscape or some landscaping design filled with stones, gravel, and rocks, either places in a seemingly naturalistic look or ornamentally coordinated patterns of pebbles with different colors, vaguely resembling a garden with an ambiance of Asian meditation. Even though these techniques in landscaping might be a big part of the concept, this method is also erroneous.  


According to some popular sources, xeriscape landscaping means having environmentally sustainable landscapes using planting and materials technologies that can help maximize the available water for constant productivity. Furthermore, the main focus of xeriscaping is on vegetative horticultural properties and not just for harvesting water. Therefore, by doing so, you’re able to achieve a beautifully finished landscape, which maintains healthy and lush green vegetation and not only an arid-looking Terrain.  

The benefits of installing xeriscape Landscaping in your commercial or residential property include but not limited to:  

You’ll be able to have a landscape that can last for a longer period of time and consumes much lesser time when compared to traditional landscapes like lawns and gardens.  

You can have more environmentally friendly solutions, which use lesser chemical intervention in order to stay healthy and pleasing to the eyes of the people.  

When you use xeriscape landscaping, there will be a reduction in natural infrastructure burdens with respect to waste water runoff that can potentially contaminate or harm the fresh water supply and other bodies of water.  

Should you decide to install xeriscape landscaping in your residential or commercial property, there will be a much lesser demand on the treated supply of water, leaving it more essential for more important uses like human and pet consumption.  

These are just some of the many benefits that you can get from xeriscaping since there are much more related to specific needs. Overall, a xeriscape landscape has to be properly planned and professionally installed since it doesn’t naturally occur especially in the urban environment in which humans have had a continuous impact on the land. On the other hand, if you have decided one day that you want to install xeriscape landscaping on your property and the time has come that you are not able to maintain it properly, it will just result in a landscaping of unwanted weeds and perennials. This will not only become an unpleasant sight to people but it can also give you and your neighbors low quality of water.  

Instead, if you want to install a xeriscape landscaping on your property, you should start by analyzing your current and existing landscape design in order to determine its characteristics in the environment, most especially as they solely relate to watering needs. Most of the time, landscape experts refer to this as Hydro zoning. Through creating these Hydro zones, those certain areas that are much arid need less of your Horticultural practices.   

The moment you have decided to install a xeriscape in Austin, it is best that you only hire a professional and reputable xeriscape landscaping service provider as they are the most professional and skilled in this field.